Starting up!

You propose, you vote, you win. It’s as easy as taking part in StartUp 2.0, an international Web 2.0 and innovation project competition whose targets are to promote the enterprising spirit, and to spread the Web 2.0 and the innovation. This event is organized by Alianzo, Spri and La Caixa, and sponsored by Madrid+d.

The websites that take part in the competition will not only be valued by the Jury, composed by some of the best bloggers of Europe, but also by the users, so that they will be an active part when the prizes are given. The innovation grade of the project and its future trends, apart from the clarity and coherence with which the participant defends the project, are some of the parameters taken into account to select the winners.

StartUp 2.0 is a physical frame in which all the people working and evoluting the 2.0 area can be gathered, and it will also be a space to hold meetings or discussion boards. A whole reflection universe about the Web 2.0. And you must be here. Because you propose, you vote, and you win

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6 Responses

  1. david says:

    It’s a wonderfull idea…this kind of events makes Web 2.0 a very interesting world to trade

  2. Congratulations, here from iDeoApp we welcome to you.

    In fact we think in the best ideas needs to be shared, and the best way is throughout a healthy contest!

    Juan Fernando Pacheco
    ideas hechas aplicaciones

  3. balu says:

    Why does submission take so long? I am starting to wonder if i did something wrong, and my post didnt even go through.

  4. Hans says:

    Great idea! I already knew which is a nice initiative to find new web2.0-tools (although I lack a category ‘education’ ;-)), but this also a very interesting concept! Keep up the good work!

  5. Uri L. says:

    Nice initiative – congrats for the idea!

    May 5th is quite a short deadline – will be interesting to see the volume of European projects that will be submitted.

  6. Congratulations for such a great initiative!! I hope to see many European innovative startups signed up.

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