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  1. Hola,

    My project was submitted on last week, but it was not added to the site, nor have I received any notification of approval or denial. How can I assure that it is being considered by the technical panel? Please contact me.

    Shawn Stocker
    Iris Alerts

  2. Cristina says:

    I’m writing in behalf of News Doceos. I would like to inform all the people that voted for News Doceos that the Startup 2.0 organization seems not to be as efficient as it should be, and the reason why we are not going to Madrid.

    As of May 5th, which was the closing date for the voting, we had 135 votes. We do not know why we now have 137, perhaps the voting system was not closed on time. Anyhow on May 5th, we were among the five most voted sites. What a disappointment, then, when we realised that we were not selected.

    We respectfully addressed the organization, trying to get a clarification of the rules, but they have given us no sufficient answer, they only said “really?” “That’s odd, but the decision has already been taken, and the system says that you are not selected, anyhow we will look at it”
    Today, on May 8th we still have no official answer. We are shocked because people like Varsavsky, Raftery and Dans , among others, have allowed their names to be used for an interesting contest, which seems not to have been managed as well as we think it should have been. We are also disappointed because our team has worked very hard on the project and we are proud of what we created, since we are small and we were at the point of presenting our project to an international jury. The contest was a way to prove that we were doing things the right way and was a moral boost to keep going.

    We take the liberty of advising the jury and to the enterprises that collaborate with it to be carefull; all of you should look very closely the organization’s processes.

    To all projects selected, our congratulations.

  3. admin says:

    Sorry. Most of the votes for Dooceos were cancelled as they were sent irregularly. The tool can see when votes are placed from the same IP number. This was against the rules of the contest.

  4. admin says:

    To IrisAlerts. I am sorry, but your project was submitted when new submissions were already closed. Maybe next year.

  5. Al. Daudet says:


    It mentions that people can submit their project until the 5th may. it was too late if they were posted the 5th May ?

  6. Francisco says:

    If you are accusing Doceos of cheating, I guess you can prove it. Anyhow we are still waiting for an official answer.

  7. Al. Daudet says:

    I don’t accuse anybody.
    It is just a fact with an open question.

  8. Mark says:

    This competition is a great disappointment and a waste of time. I don’t mind if you waste your time but you should not waste the time of others.

    We submitted as a project. We organized some events where we presented our new product to prospects and asked them to vote for us (that is called campaigning). All these votes come from valid email addresses but also come from the same IP address. All votes from our office or from associates come from the same IP addresses as well. What is wrong with that? It is not fair to establish rules and only tell them to the participants when the process of voting is over, assuming (without telling) that they have cheated.

    Not one of the so called experts has ever subscribed to our service to see what it is all about. Is this serious?
    Sorry guys, but the only good thing about this competition is the idea of having a competition.

    Here my rating about YOUR performance:
    – WEBSITE: horrible (how is it possible to submit a project without a valid URL if the URL is compulsary, and that is just one example). And you guys are assesing our Web 2.0 work?
    – RULES: ridiculous, better have no rules than hidden rules
    – ORGANIZATION: terrible, no deadline for the end of voting, voting is still possible now, voting as such is too time consuming, registration and voting are not one workflow, but two separate processes
    – COMMUNICATION: non-existent, we have to go to a blog of a swiss girl to see who are the 15 finalists. The least you could have done would have been to send an email to inform the participants about who was selected and why some where not (even when getting the most votes)

    CONCLUSION: What a mess! I can just hope that you don’t repeat that “competition” next year again.

  9. We at YoYo Games ( also feel treated badly. Our site got 192 votes, which would put us in second place. Still we are not on the selected page and nobody told us anything.

    Mark Overmars

  10. MR says:

    Excuse me… I am not a contestant but I have to comment on something.

    “The tool can see when votes are placed from the same IP number. This was against the rules of the contest.”

    Unless you investigate the IPs one by one, your tool is a hugely unreliable test. Votes through a proxy may be different people and therefore legitimate votes. AOL is such a (huge) proxy. Companies, universities, governmental organisations all use proxies. So if your site focuses on such communities you will have votes from the same IP.

    What is worse, such a rule also means that you can easily have a contestant disqualified.

    If there are any conditions for voting then you should at least have informed contestants. I have so far been unable to find competition rules on this site.

  11. admin says:

    To Mark. I am sorry you don’t like it. We tried our best. I assume we can have made some mistakes during the process, but not all the ones you mention. We will try to learn something, though, and improve it for next time.

  12. admin says:

    To Mark. Actionize was not among the 5 most voted projects. It was considered by the technical committee, though, but didn’t make it in their selection. Anyway, it was considered as one of the most interesting projects and almost made it.

    Your remarks are extremely negative. We do agree we should have communicated a little bit better. It was very hard, though, as there were almost 300 projects taking part in the contest.

  13. Thisisafraud says:

    To all those who complaint: You are all right. This is just a contest made by Enrique Dans and his friends to get money out of some sposors and place their friends in front of the media. Now Enrique Dans will go all around Spain talking about the web 2.0 and your ideas. That is the way he works. Pass the word

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