Sclipo wins this year’s contest

Sclipo, a social skills-network based upon user-generated videos, has won the Startup 2.0 contest, whose final was hold yesterday at the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao. The second place was for a very similar project coming from Israel, 5min, while the third prize will go for Properazzi, crawler-based web 2.0 property search engine for all of Europe.

Startup 2.0 was opened to all webs 2.0 from Europe. A total of 260 projects coming from the main European countries took part in it. The 5 finalists presented their projects yesterday in Bilbao before an audience of 300 people. The jury interrogated each one of them for 15 minutes.

Sclipo is a platform for any kind of skills, such as cooking, well-being, technology or sports. All content is 100% user-generated and evaluated. It stands for: Skills + CLIP + yO (=I). It is based in Barcelona and has an international team managed by Gregor Gimmy. Its business model is based on contextual advertising, market research and premium user services.

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5 Responses

  1. Georgy says:

    Guys, you made a fool out of yourself. Two identical ideas, while the is executed much (but I mean much) better, not to mention they had the best presentation there (by far).
    Now everybody are talking about “how the competition was sold to a Spanish company by Spanish juries”, and that’s too bad… You made yourself look stupid!

  2. Michel Leopard says:

    I was following it and I do agree that Sclipo was the best project. Not only they are very much business focuses, but their presentation was also very good. I really enjoyed the guy! Besides, he was the only one that talked about the team.

  3. Charles says:


    Sclipo team is from US, Germany, Poland and Spain. They’re located in Barcelona. Don’t come with the nationalist speech because it’s outdated. is a educational 2.0 platform while 5min is a video repository. I was in the Bilbao event and it was crystal clear for me and it seems that also for the juries.

    Congrats, the organization and the rest of the competitors.

  4. jesus says:


    Properazzi team has 12 different nationalities. They’re locatedub Barcelona.

    I think all 5 start ups are very good, and that’s a game, in my opinion 5min and sclipo were the best startups.


  5. Johswa says:


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