So these are the finalists in the Startup 2.0 competition

After the jury and popular votes on Facebook, we are able to announce the names of the 5 finalist projects in the Startup 2.0 competition. This year only social networks were accepted and we are pretty happy, as almost 100 European sites took part in the contest. 5 of them will be presenting their projects in Bilbao on Friday:

Stereomood: a way to suggest songs that follow your feelings: stereomood is the emotional internet radio, providing music that best suits your mood and your activities, that you can share with your friends!

Good Job: Independent and revolutionary website, done by users that want to know the world of work through the voice of those who belong to it. In a completely anonymous way you can rate your company, tell your experience, compared it with others and find out where are the better places to work.

Askaro: is a hyperlocal site to meet needs and share information in the nearest field: the neighborhood or workplace. The idea is simple, you can ask a question on a specific location putting it on a map to see if someone who knows the area gives you an useful and disinterested answer.

Submate: Meet, discover, share. Every day. On your way! You just have to tell SubMate your subway trips: station in, station out, and an approximate timing. Around your trips, you’ll discover cool new people, the familiar strangers you see every day! Discover everything happening along your commutes: concerts, happy hours, restaurant reviews.

Minube: Minube is a travel community for travel’s lovers, that allows users to get inspirations to decide their destinations, plan trips and share all their travel experiences.

Which is your favorite? Remember that people coming to nonick will be voting.

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  1. Ali Parandeh says:

    Hi, I am not sure how else to get in contact with the administrator of this website. I have tried looking on facebook and through this website but cannot find a contact form.

    First of all there is very little mention about this years competition and its “YEAR”, most comments are for 2010 and there is only 1 place that mentioned 2011.

    Also we would like to edit our write up and our link to the video, but we cannot find an edit button or anyone who can help us based on this.

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