Playlists for specific moments and events: Stereomood

“Behind every song there’s always an emotion” or that is what Eleonora Viviani and Daniele Novaga, italian co-founders of Stereomood, claim on their website.

Not to loose any minute we interviewed them on our way from Nonick Conference and they delightely explained us this the Emotional Internet Radio project. Sorry for the camer movements 😉

Stereomood provides us music that best suits our mood and our activities and personalized playlists for specific emotions and events. All the playlists pool the music from the web’s top music blogs. If you sign up on the site you get access to your personalized library with the songs you love and a playlist section in which you can create your own mix and via your dashboard you can even see others stereomood users that are in the same mood and you can check out their profile.

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