The best 5 european mobile apps of Startup 2.0 will compete at Nonick on June 17th

The 5 mobile applications winners of the 5th edition of  Startup 2.0 will compete at Nonick, the International Conference on Internet Trends that will be held on June 17-18 at the headquarters of Eitb in Bilbao. Mobitto, Trambus, EdukidsApp, Taksiko y Nightbits are the projects to fight for the “txapela” of the champion.

143 mobile applications have taken part in this year´s edition. Facebook users have chosen the 20 finalists by voting their favorite 5 with an ad hoc application on the Startup 2.0 facebook page. After that, an international jury formed by 10 VCs and mobile experts from all over Europe have selected the 5 winners that will come to Bilbao next friday to present their projects in Nonick.

During the competition, the developers of Mobitto(Portugal/Germany), Trambus(Croatia), EdukidsApp(UK/Ukraine), Taksiko(Serbia) y Nighbits(Turkey) will have 5 minutes each to defend their application in front of the audience. The assistants will question them and select the winner by introducing their votes in a ballot box.

Gino Miccachi, founder and CTO of 2009 finalist Mobnotes, will co-moderate Nonick 2011. The location-based social network has just sold a 30% stake of his startup for €600k, after meeting his buyer Brainspark in Startup 2.0 in Bilbao. Gino tells us that “we really have a debt to pay to Startup 2.0, we met our buyer exactly two years ago during the Bilbao contest. So our exit was made thanks to Startup 2.0″. Since the first edition in 2007, different start-ups have been financed or acquired as a result of this contest : Sclipo, 5min, Nvivo, 11870 , Panoramio or Bubok are some of the successful cases.

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