EduKidsApp: applications for educating kids

We tend to think about inspiring ideas that could revolutionize market. Some of them they end up so complicated that eventually nodoby seems to find it as useful as we had thought at first.

Nazar Bilous, on the contrary, just had to look round to find out a real need: to improve his and his partners‘ kids way of learning. That’s how he launched Edukidsapp,  a set of early learning smartphone games for toddlers, pre-schoolers and Grade 1 kids. Beautiful artwork, original music and the educational content of the apps make learning fun, encouraging development of hand-eye coordination and promoting imagination and creativity.

He explained us the whole project after presenting it at the Final at Nonick Conference:

They already have versions for English, Russian, French, Spanish, Polish, Deutch, Ukranian, Dutch,  Italian, Norwegian kids. Here you can see a little demo:

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