Taksiko wins Startup 2.0 2011!


The serbian application Taksiko, presented and defended by Mladjan Antic, gave it his best shot and convinced the audience of Nonick to choose him as The best European Mobile Application. Mladjan was proudly awarded his “txapela” of the champion.

Taksiko -the easy, fast and secure way to “call” a taxi- was claimed the best application in Europe, Trambus won the second position and Nightbits classified third. Mobitto and EdukidsApps also made it tougher to win this exciting competition.

We would like to thank the 143 mobile applications that have taken part in this year’s edition for their time and commitment, it is you who make it high-quality ;) Facebook users were also important to choose the 20 finalists and of course an special mention to the international jury for selecting  the 5 winners that came to Bilbao on Friday, June 17th to present their projects in Nonick.

Startup 2.0 compettion’s results are reported in varoius european media like the basque news channel Eitb.com (where you can check a video summary of Nonick 011) or the web eastern european business blog Netokracija, and many others!

Thank you all and see you next year in Startup 2.0 2012!

The award giving ceremony to choose the best Europe’s mobile application was held at the closing ceremony of nonick. Nonick was held from June 17th-18th in iTB’s Multibox venue in Bilbao and it was jointly organised by eitb.com, the Basque Government’s Department of Industry via its public company SPRI, in association with CBT. Jason Titus was in charge of closing this year’s Nonick, the third international conference of its kind focusing on internet trends.

Titus is Shazam‘s Chief Technology Officer. Shazam is the application that allows the user to search for the title of any song they hear, by capturing a 10-second caption of that song and cross-checking it at a central database.

The president of Mozilla Europe, Tristan Nitot, kicked off Nonick2011 conference on Friday and he took the opportunity to present the most recent free platform for mobile phone applications which bosses at Firefox’s famous internet navigator are developing in response to opposition posed by Android Market (Google) and the Apple Store.


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  4. Congrats !
    Still more good stuff to come from Serbia.
    See you next year !

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