10 minutes with Doocuments, the evolution of pdf

Carlos Polo knows his startup by heart, we can clearly notice it. He goes to the point when it comes to introduce Doocuments, the company he founded.

He came up with the idea of “The evolution of pdf” when 3 years ago his former company “won a project because we had the competitors proposals printed over my table…I’m no proud of it, but that’s how we thought that it would be very useful for companies to track in a very detailed way and control the VIP docs they send over te e-mail“.

And what is a VIP document? you would be wondering. Easy: “Confidential information, business quotation, marketing collaterals…whatever you want to get controlled” he stats.

Although they have been focused on the author of the e-mail side since the outset if the project in 2010, their aim is to evolve towards the reader-understanding of the doc-side.

P.S. : It is free for enterpreneurs 😉 Check out the interview if you want to learn more about them:

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