SpotBros, the new Spanish invention to change the world

Seen in Atocha: “El próximo invento español que cambiará el mundo”

SpotBros team claim their instant messaging application will be added to the 3 most famous Spanish inventions. If it helps and enjoys us as much as the mop, the chupachups and the futbolín…we hope so!

We came to interview Fernando López, one of the co-founders, in their home/office where 5 of the 9 entrepreneurs team live and work together. They have decided to be 24 hours together as ” we believe in partnserhip, we want from people to work very hard and to feel that this is The Company” he states.

Do you want to see the cosy place where they think, sleep, spot and shout? Check out this interesting interview to know why SpotBros is the application that could definetely replace WhatsApp:

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