Facebook users select the 20 best European Gaming Startups

For the 6th year in a row, Startup 2.0 Competition provides facebook users with an application allowing facebook user to vote for their favourite startup. In 2012 more than users have selected the 20 Best European Gaming and Gamification Startups that will have the opportunity to present their projects during Nonick Conference in Bilbao in June 15th -16th.

The 5 winners, selected by an International gaming specialised Jury, will present their projects on stage to the whole audience of the Conference. All travel, accommodation and allowance expenses in Bilbao are covered for them.

The organisation of Nonick also offers a free ticket for the other 15 finalists willing to give a little workshop about their projects.

Here you can see all 90 participants. The 20 most voted projects that are given this opportunity are listed below:

1. INFINITUM: Browser MMO Strategy mixing Settlers and Dune 2.

2. MYGPTEAM: Browser-based game about Formula 1 team management.

3. NAKRUM: Next generation browser based multiplayer strategy game.

4. MANGATAR: a social game in the manga universe.

5. KAPLUMBO: The goal of this project is rising awareness about Caretta Carettas.

6. HAZEL DAZZLE: Hazel Dazzle is an action adventure game for iPad which uses a real 3D feature where players don\’t need to use any special glasses.

7. SHEEP UP!: A new puzzle platform for iPhone and iPad.

8. MINI-VREM: The Mini-VREM project involves the development of self-learning software specifically dedicated to quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation with the use of Kinect.

9. RAPA NUI: It’s a puzzle game. Catch all eggs to pass next level.

10. EDRIELLE: Erase, paint and draw to restore the city.

11. RUNE LEGEND: an original puzzle game with detailed graphics and a strong story inspired by the old Norse mythology.

12. SOCCERSQUARE: Social Sport Management game on Soccer.

13. HITZAPP: iOS educational games for learning foreign languages.

14. WIZBEE : An educational platform based on the Swiss syllabus to have fun while learning.

15. ZACK ZERO: Zack Zero is a game that takes you on an action-packed platformer adventure with incredible 3D graphics and the playability and entertainment of old school platformers.

16. MAGIC DUELS: Magic Duels is a realtime Wizards fight.Cast your spells faster than your adversaries, level up and unlock new and powerful spells.

17. SIMBOUND: Business simulation for e-marketing skills development.

18. DOGFIGHT: WWI based multiplayer flight simulation.

19. THE FORGING OF A LEGEND: The Forging of a Legend is an interactive ebook which is also a game. You must roll the dice to win battles and challenges, and choose your own destiny.

20. WALLABEE: The ultimate collectable game.

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