Wallabee: Best European Gaming Startup of 2012

The UK based game Wallabee, presented and defended by Ben Dodson, gave it his best shot and convinced the audience of Nonick to choose him as The best European Gaming Startup of 2012! As the tradition has it, Ben was proudly awarded his “txapela” of the “txapeldun” (champion).


Wallabee – the ultimate collectibles game for your iPhone- was claimed the best starting up game in Europe, Hazel Dazzle won the second position and Sheep Up! classified third. Nakrum and  Mangatar also made it tougher to win this exciting competition.

Here you can see Ben Dodson excited after winning the competition:

We would like to thank the  almost 100 gaming projects that have taken part in this 2012 edition for their time and commitment, it is you who make it high-quality 😉 Facebook users were also important to choose the 20 finalists and of course an special mention to the International Jury for selecting  the 5 winners that came to Bilbao on Friday, June 15th to present their projects in Nonick.

Ben Dodson received 2 free tickets for Arctic15, the annual conference for Nordic and Baltic growth entrepreneurs. The 5 winners have can take advantage of a special 60% discount for The Next Conference 2013. in Amsterdam,

Together with these 2 special partners, we are glad to have counted on various tech media and startup accelerators from all over europea, like the basque news channel Eitb.com or Wayra, Microsoft Bizspark, Startup Bootcamp, Beaz and Vadejuegos, Frenchweb, Italian Founders, NetocraticNetokracija, Greek Startups, Silicon Allee, Webrazzi, Startup Lisboa, JEI, First Tuesday, Loogic, Tetuán Valley, SeedrocketTodostartups,  Emprendedores, Startup Business, BarCamperIndigeni Digitali and Syndicat National du Jeu Video France, to jointly promote the Contest all over the european geography.

Here you can see a great special summary video of Startup 2.0 2012 by Vadejuegos.com

Thank you all and see you next year in Startup 2.0 2013!

P.D: Pay attention to our blog during this week, we will be publishing special fun videos of the 5 winners, the 2 finalists giving their workshops, the attendances’ impressions…and many more!!

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