Nakrum, a strategy game

“The people of Fornax have achieved significant development in the fields of mechanics and digital domains in time. They have developed advanced technologies including superb spaceships, vehicles and apparel which provide enhanced energy and stealth. The people of Alpha are highly intelligent and enduring. They have unmatched psychic powers and some can focus these powers on materials to use the resulting interactive power as energy sources.”

After reading that you might think we are getting crazy but actually Fornax and Alpha are the galaxies Nakrum team have created. Nakrum is a new generation online multiplayer browser based strategy game, and we are proud to announce that they are one of the finalist of Startup 2.0.

Ufuk Sahin tells us in the following video the features Nakrum has, how did they develop it and his experience in Startup 2.0 contest. Are you ready to build up your strategy to fight against high level creatures in Fornax and Alpha? So, you are ready for Nakrum.


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