Hannover Messe 2016: Microsoft, GE and Siemens show their Industry 4.0 readiness

siemens-tip-totally-integrated-power.storyThree tech multinationals are showing their Industry 4.0 readiness during Hannover Messe 2016, the main industrial technology event in the world. GE, Microsoft and Siemens have taken their teams to Germany in order to sell their solutions in this field: GE Predix, Microsoft Azure and Siemens Totally Integrated Power.

GE thinks that “the age of Integrated Industry is standing at the door” and that energy systems will be digitally controlled. It’s showing Predix, its cloud platform for the Industrial Internet in which IoT apps can be deployed, together with Asset Performance Management, its first commercially available industrial solution built on Predix.

As of Microsoft, its CEO, Satya Nadella, explained what are the possibilities of Azure cloud platform for the industrial sector: it features an IoT suite for collecting data from sensors and devices and analyzing it.

Siemens is very interested in applying Industry 4.0 (Industrie 4.0 in German) to the energy sector. Totally Integrated Power (TIP) is its complete, end-to-end spectrum of energy supply solutions. “For companies in the manufacturing and process industries to fully exploit the opportunities offered by the digital networking of machines, products and information flows, their power networks also need to become more digital, flexible and intelligent”, explains the company. Two of its first projects are in a new KIA Motors factory in Mexico and in a Gestamp (auto parts manufacturer) factory.

More companies that were in Hannover:
– SAP showed applications to manage customized production.
– Kaeser, a manufacturer of comprressors, showed a Product as a Service: customers can buy compressed air instead of the compressor. Kaeser does assure the maintenance of the compressor and has installed sensors (temperature, vibrations) for having as much information as possible and doing a predictive maintenance.
– Festo, an automatisation provider, offers the follow up of machines from a tablet.
– Kuka offers predictive maintenance of robots, which can be managed from a tablet.

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