Fuchsia, Google’s future OS for Connected Objects

News have spread that Google (now Alphabet, Inc) is working on an Operative System that will improve Android’s and Chrome’s with Connected Objects. While Chrome OS is addressed to PCs and Android to smartphones and tablet, it seems that Alphabet wants to own the main OS for IoT. Its code name is Fuchsia and it is so far open source.

Almost at the same time it was revealed that Google was transferring some of its developers from the Waze team to Android, which can be somehow related to the new Fuchsia project. According to CNet, the web magazine that discovered the existance of Fuchsia, it is being developed with its own kernel, so it could have no relationship with both Android and Chrome from a code point of view.

Taking into account that Google has had some IP problems with those two OS, Fuchsia could be a way to have a completely new one with no old attachments. At the same time, the fact that Android is being transformed for many smartphones, could explain why Google wants to develop a new stronger and universal (for all types of devices) OS.

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