Bosch has increased its productivity by 20% since 2012 thanks to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the main focus for Bosch nowadays, according to an a Russ Juskalian’s article on MIT Technology Review. It is working on it in two different directions: transforming its factories and offering a new connected device for car manufacturers. Both of them use a common data center in Stuttgart.

The first approach is taking Bosch to include sensors and connections in all its machines so that data is being collected and later annalyzed in Stuttgart. By the end of the year there will be 6,000 machines at 11 plants in Germany and its 250 factories in the world will have the same technology in the near future.

As of the device it is offering to auto makers, it is called iBooster and it’s being used to adjust the braking pressure in cars in which kinetic energy is being converted into power. iBooster is already installed in 350,000 vehicles and, since this year, it connectes via de car’s wi-fi to a driver’s home network and sends diagnostic and braking details to Bosch.

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