Finalists 2011

Congratulations to the 5 winners Walabee (1st), Mangatar, Narkrum, Hazel Dazzle and Sheep Up!

You really gave all your best during Startup 2.0 2012 in Bilbao on June the 15th 2012

  • Nakrum

    Next generation browser based multiplayer strategy game.

  • Mangatar

    The social game in the manga universe.

  • Hazel Dazzle

    An action adventure game for iPad which uses a real 3D feature where players don’t need to use any special glasses

  • Sheep Up!

    A puzzle game that uses tilt control to move a jumping toy sheep on cardborad platforms.

  • Wallabee

    The ultimate collectibles game.

Finalists 2011

  • Mobitto

    Changing the way people consume goods, products and services

  • Nightbits

    A community based service integrated with Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter, that makes it easy to browse and explore nearby events…

  • EduKidsApps

    Learning Apps for Toddlers

  • Trambus

    Trambus is an application that allows for quick and easy use of public transportation.

  • Taksiko

    Taksiko is easy, fast and secure way to “call” taxi.

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