Monat: März 2023

Ripple (XRP) Soars 21%, Bitcoin (BTC) Holds Above $27K: Weekend Watch

• Bitcoin (BTC) has stalled above $27K after experiencing a surge from under $20,000.
• The altcoins have also remained relatively flat on a daily scale.
• Ripple (XRP) has emerged as one of the best performers for the past seven days, rising 21% in total.

Bitcoin Stalls at $27K

Bitcoin (BTC) has recently taken a break after exploding from under $20,000 to over $28,000 during the US banking crisis. After charting yet another nine-month high above that level, BTC retraced to under $28,000 and has remained there for the past few days.

Altcoin Market Remains Flat

The trading volumes have gone down during the weekend, resulting in Bitcoin failing to produce any significant moves in either direction. The altcoins have also stalled on a daily scale with no clear trend emerging among them.

Ripple (XRP) Outperforms

Despite this overall stagnation in the cryptocurrency market, Ripple (XRP) has emerged as one of the best performers for the past seven days, with its price rising by 21% in total. Arbitrum’s recently launched token has also recovered 7% since yesterday’s dump.

Future Outlook

It remains unclear if Bitcoin will be able to continue its bullish momentum or if it will be dragged back down by the rest of the market. For now, it seems that traders are waiting for new developments before taking any decisive actions regarding their portfolios.


Overall, it appears that while Ripple (XRP) is performing well at present and outperforming most other altcoins by some margin, most of the cryptocurrency market is currently stuck in limbo as traders await news which could bring more volatility into play once again.

Crypto Twitter Bets on ‚Hyperinflation‘ Taking BTC to $1M in 3 Months

• Crypto pioneer Balaji Srinivasan has predicted that the US economy will enter a phase of hyperinflation in 90 days, driving Bitcoin (BTC) up to $1 million.
• Balaji has offered $1 million in BTC for the best 1000 tweets that alert people about the “stealth financial crisis” disguised behind banking bailouts.
• He encourages people to buy Bitcoin now and take their coins off exchanges before it’s too late.

Crypto Twitter Betting on Hyperinflation

Crypto pioneer and venture capitalist Balaji Srinivasan recently tweeted his prediction that the US economy would soon enter a phase of hyperinflation, leading to an increase in Bitcoin (BTC) value to as much as $1 million. To support this theory, he offered to pay out $1 million in BTC for the best 1,000 tweets that alert people about what he calls the “stealth financial crisis” which is being disguised by bank bailouts.

The Stealth Financial Crisis

Balaji believes that banks have become insolvent due to complex language being used to hide mortgages from depositors. Now with trillions of dollars being printed, he warns that it could lead to hyperinflation and devaluing of fiat currency like US dollars. He therefore encourages people to buy Bitcoin now before it’s too late and keep their coins off exchanges.

What is Hyperinflation?

Hyperinflation is a situation when prices rise rapidly due to an increase in the money supply faster than economic growth can keep up with demand. This means more money chasing fewer goods resulting in inflationary prices and also devaluation of currency when compared against other assets such as gold or BTC. When combined with government spending or borrowing money at high interest rates, it can quickly spiral out of control leading to hyperinflationary conditions where even large sums cannot buy basic necessities anymore.

The Benefits of Bitcoin

Bitcoin provides a safe haven from these economic conditions by providing a decentralized store-of-value outside of traditional government-backed currencies whose value is determined solely by market forces without political interference or manipulation from central banks and other authorities. Additionally, its fixed supply ensures there will never be any additional BTC created beyond its original 21 million cap making it extremely rare and valuable asset over time even if its price experiences volatility over shorter periods.

Final Thoughts

Balaji’s recent tweet has caused quite a stir on Crypto Twitter with many users coming forward expressing their agreement with his line of thought while some remain skeptical given how volatile BTC prices can be over short periods of time despite its long-term potential for growth given its limited supply and increasing demand from institutional investors around the world

Ethereum Price at Critical Support: Breakdown Could Send it to $1200

• Ethereum’s price has found substantial support at $1450.
• If ETH sustains this level, traders can expect another bullish leg toward the crucial resistance level of $1700K.
• The price of ETH is currently ‘stuck’ in a tight range between the lower threshold at roughly $1410 and the static resistance region at $1500.

Ethereum Price Analysis

The recent turbulence in SVB Bank and its effect on USDC have caused a bearish sentiment among market participants. Despite this, Ethereum’s price has found substantial support within the $1450 price range. The upcoming days will be crucial to see if ETH can hold this critical level or continue its negative trend.

Technical Analysis

The daily chart reveals that after breaking above the upper trend-line of the symmetrical triangle and consolidating for an extended period, Ethereum’s price has declined and is currently retesting the previous breakout level at $1450. If it sustains this level, traders can expect another bullish leg towards a crucial resistance level of $1700K. However, if it drops below the trend line, a plunge towards the $1.2K support level may be imminent as both are aligned with 200-day moving average at $1450 providing solid support levels.

4-Hour Chart Analysis

The 4-hour chart shows that Ethereum’s price has been following an ascending channel but recently dropped below its middle equilibrium line resulting in a cascade downwards. Nevertheless, it now reached the channel’s lower boundary temporarily finding support there as well as within a tight range between roughly $1410 and static resistance regions of around $1500. ETH is likely to break out of this range in either direction depending on whether or not it can sustain itself near current levels or continue declining further towards more bearish sentiment.


In conclusion, Ethereum’s future lies heavily dependent on whether or not it holds onto its current support levels near around 1450 USDT mark or continues to decline further into bearish territory possibly even reaching 1200 USDT mark if broken down further from hereon out making next few days absolutely crucial in determining future path forward for cryptocurrency giant Ethereum (ETH).


• Ethereum’s current fate depends heavily on whether it can hold onto its critical price point near 1450 USDT or falls back into bearish territory possibly even reaching 1200 USDT mark if broken down further from hereon out • Next few days will be absolutely essential in determining future path forward for cryptocurrency giant Ethereum (ETH) • A break above upper trend-line could lead to another bullish leg while break down from hereon out could spell disaster for cryptocurrency

Don’t Let Your Teen Access Facebook’s Metaverse – Senators Warn

Here’s Why US Senators Don’t Want Teens to Access Facebook’s Metaverse

  • Two United States senators have asked Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms Inc., to cease plans to release its Horizon Worlds metaverse app to teenagers.
  • The senators cited Meta’s record of flawed social media platforms for children that have failed to protect them from inappropriate content.
  • They have now asked Zuckerberg to halt such plans immediately as the release could contain the same flaws as their Instagram and Messenger apps for kids.

Meta Asked To Stop Horizon Plans For Teenagers

The senators sent a letter to the CEO, insisting that Meta stop the plans immediately. Horizon is a metaverse application that gives users access to virtual worlds and avatars. Launched last December, the platform aims to attract 500,000 monthly active users in the first half of 2023. As of January, Horizon had just over 200,000 monthly active users aged 18 and above. To attain the set goal, Meta decided in February to open Horizon to teenagers aged 13-17 later this month.

Potential Threats Faced By Teenagers In The Metaverse

Senators Markey and Blumenthal believe such a decision comes with risks of exposing teenagers to inappropriate content. To substantiate their claims, they cited Meta’s inability in protecting their young-aged target audience from inappropriate content. They expressed concerns about potential issues like cyberbullying or exposure of teens on platforms where predatory adults can reach out or attempt contact with minors.

Horizon’s Actions In Response To The Concerns

In response, Facebook claims it has taken steps that would prevent these issues from occurring if teens were allowed on the platform. Some security measures include requiring parents’ permission before access is granted; monitoring conversations; and implementing a “zero tolerance policy” for anyone who attempts contact with minors via messaging or video calls.

Meta Still Planning On Allowing Teens On Platform
Despite these steps being taken by Facebook/Meta Platforms Inc., there has been no confirmation whether they would suspend their plan on allowing access for minors on Horizon Worlds metaverse app this month or not. It is currently unclear how Facebook will respond but more updates will be released regarding this matter soon.

< h2 >Conclusion
Overall, US senators are asking Mark Zuckerberg and his team at Facebook/Meta Platforms Inc.,to cease their plans on releasing Horizon Worlds metaverse app as they fear potential threats posed against teens due flaws seen in similar social media platforms like Instagram and Messenger Kids before it . It remains unclear what action Facebook will take regarding this matter but we will keep you updated with any developments that arise soon!