Woman Loses $190K in Crypto Scam, Forced to Sell House

Von | 23. April 2023

• A resident of Scotland’s county Lanarkshire was scammed out of nearly $190,000 after falling victim to a cryptocurrency fraud.
• She sought support from Advice Direct Scotland and the local police, but unfortunately they could not help her retrieve the funds.
• Jennifer is now forced to sell her home in order to avoid additional financial issues.

Victim of Crypto Fraud

A resident of Scotland’s county Lanarkshire was left with a £150,000 debt (almost $190,000) after falling victim to a cryptocurrency fraud. Jennifer decided to invest her money into a crypto scheme after seeing a dubious advert on Facebook featuring the advice expert Martin Lewis. After investing for ten days in a row, her bank started blocking some of the transfers, making her doubt that something was wrong. She realized she had been caught in the web of crypto scammers and felt „devastated“.

Outstanding Debt

Jennifer ended up with an outstanding debt of approximately $190,000 after being conned by crypto fraudsters. She sought support from Advice Direct Scotland and the local police, but both entities could not help her recover the funds. Her debt is so high she has no choice but to sell her home to avoid further financial problems.

Advice Expert Martin Lewis

The woman fell for the scam due to an advertisement featuring British journalist and advice expert Martin Lewis on Facebook. He has created his own website where he gives advice on money-saving techniques and has also been vocal about warning people against such scams which have used his image in the past. Despite this knowledge, Jennifer believed in its legitimacy and invested most of her savings into it via Revolut.

Attempted Recovery Efforts

Jennifer attempted to seek help from Advice Direct Scotland and local police but unfortunately neither entity was able offer assistance or recover any lost funds due to legal loopholes and lack jurisdiction over these types of cases outside their country’s borders. As such, she is now forced into selling off her house in order to pay back this huge debt without further incurring more debts or financial issues along the way.


This story serves as reminder that vigilance should be exercised when dealing with online investments involving cryptocurrencies given its potential risks associated with them; especially when there are signs pointing towards possible scams or fraudulent activities taking place behind it all. It is best for investors not just rely solely on appearances when making decisions about their finances as well as always seeking professional advice before making any major investments online – whether it be involving cryptocurrencies or otherwise – in order ensure maximum safety at all times!